An eye friendly background color


In all the exeperience out there on looking at monitors all day, has anyone heard of or is using a color that is easy on the eyes? I. Heard that green is good . Thanks


Black background here. I prefer my eyes to be bombarded by photons as little as possible.

I wonder if there’s a way to reverse colors of this forum site. XD


Not in an easy one-step way, but you can write your own custom CSS - discussion of doing that here.


No sources cited here, but it seems like a good overview:

These aren’t mine and use at your own risk, but here are some UI color themes that might be helpful:


Thanks for the ufuboceros link.


there’s a system pref in osx to do that… it looks weird to me :wink:
but if you’re curious how it looks:


Opera with Night Mode Pro.


I read a study a few years ago that stated that light backgrounds are easier on the eyes. I find that if I look at a webpage with a black background and light text, that text gets “burned” into my eyes when I look away. I don’t have that problem with a light background. I have to believe there is logic as to why Word, Excel, OpenOffice etc. default to a white background.

I use a white background in Rhino with my monitor brightness turned down a bit.



Same here, white/light background and GUI across the board. To prevent scorching your eyes at night I highly recommend F.lux for Windows. I has been a real game changer for me and it’s nice to see Android and Apple starting to implement their own versions of this.

Edit: looks the Wired article above also mentions this.


Thanks for the link, this is fantastic. I use this setting on my iPhone after dark and it is as you say, a real game changer.

It’s great that the app has a tick box for colour sensitive work too.



I am going with chalkboard light green as a background on viewports and usually draw with black curves. Getting quite used to it.—Mark


I work with a dark gray (0,0,70) viewport background, which I personally find easier on the eyes than a light one. I find curve and wire colors work better and are easier to distinguish against a darkish (but not black) background. I can also still clearly see 100% black wireframe elements against this background. My workspace is a somewhat lighter gray than the viewports.