Best color settings to prevent eye strain / deterioration? And posture?

I work on rhino often 12 hours a day. My industry (film) requires these hours given the quick production requirements of set builds, etc. I sometimes worry that this is killing my eyes and I’d love to get your ideas on best screen color settings, and anything else, you would recommend to minimize damage to eyes (and posture, etc). Currently I use a light grey background in rhino and my tools are likewise light gray. I don’t like having strong light blasting at me all day so Im not crazy about white for anything. I hear black background is unhealthy for the eyes but maybe my information is wrong.

Other: I also use the night light settings in Windows and adjust the color to match the color of the office lights (soft yellow at the moment). I also recently got a standing desktop riser, but I find at max height, the keyboard and wacom tablet (which I use instead of a mouse now) are slightly too low for my comfort.

What are your settings and suggestions?