Am I alone in having to resize smaller the default dimension offerings?

Inevitably if I choose Millimeter small or large starting a new project, and use the default dimensions, they are never a suitable size, more often than not too big, is it just me ?


Nope. It’s not just you.
We have no way to guess what appropriate sizes are for how you typically model.
This is why we have Template files.

Start a new file using your preferred template. Then change the Dimension styles you use so they are what you want them to be. You might make the layers you normally use and anything else you find you setup over and over again with new files, do it one more time in this new file,

Then save is as a Template and give it a personalized name.
Next time you start a new file, use your template and all those settings will be there.

Thanks John,
will do.
Its just that having many times now chosen new>small millimetres then one sort of expects dims befitting the sort of suggested size for that choice, sometimes, not always, I rarely ever get dims the size I wish despite subjects appearing suitable to that suggested start file for their size. Maybe just unlucky