Quick Question: Can I toggle Shift-Selection?

I use Autocad 80% of the time and Rhino the rest, so I’m constantly adjusting between the two.

Biggest gripe with working in Rhino is having to hold shift to add to selection because it catches me out time and time again and reselecting objects is always tedious.
Is there any way to toggle ‘auto-add’ functionality? Any chance this could go on the wish list?

The other thing I miss a lot is “Select Similar” which is relatively new (3 years?) and has proven to be an incredibly useful autocad command.

Hi Dave,
Thanks brining this to our attention.
You are right, if you are pre-selecting objects in Rhino, and no command is active, you do need to hold down the Shift key. AutoCAD was a DOS application before Windows. It was not until the it ran on Windows (cerca R12~1992) that it even offered the option “shift to select” multiple to help those working on other WIndows applications to feel more comfortable.

Rhino it has always been a Windows application, we adopted the Windows behavior when pre-selecting, but do not require a “shift” when in a command that is prompting to select objects like copy, move…and many more!

I do like AutoCAD’s selsimilar too. I will add both these to the wish list for consideration in a future Rhino.
Thanks again.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support
Seattle, WA

try using the command select if you can help
Ciao Vittorio

Thanks Mary and yes Vittorio I am a chronic pre-selector.
Probably too hard to break that habit now!

I would love to see shift-toggle and a convenient ‘select similar’ in a future Rhino! Very exciting.


sorry to revive this mummy but it didn´t really age well.

Did the “Shift toggle” ever gotten implemented?

Thanks in advance

Hello - no, as far as I know selection behavior has not changed.


OK, thank you. That resolves this post I guess :slight_smile: