All Hexagon polygon on boundary curve

hello I was wondering if it was possible to obtain all six-sided polygons inside the boundary curve, mainly those in the center of the boundary curve.The ones highlighted in the image are the wrong ones
Hexagon polygon on boundary (11.2 KB)
Canvas at 12;29;55

If you want a completely regular mesh, then remeshing is not what you need.
Instead you’d take a regular mesh and pull it to the new boundary.
However, it is topologically impossible to have a grid of all hexagons on the interior meet a smooth closed curve with all the cells around the border having the same number of sides. You’d get 6 boundary cells with 4 sides, and the rest with 5 like this: (20.2 KB)

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I understand thanks, I don’t know if to change strategy the final goal is to carry out a polygon mapping and to do this I need all hexagons. (See image) if there are other ideas they are welcome.
I will try to select polygons with a number of sides other than 6 and will modify them to 6 sides

If you’re happy considering shapes with multiple edges along the circle as hexagons then you can do this: (11.1 KB)

I try but I believe that the curves to be mapped deform excessively
Anyway thanks

Well yes, there’s no way a hexagonal grid can ever meet a circle all the way around without big distortions.
Another alternative would be to include half cells - so have full hexagons which extend beyond the circular boundary, map to these, then chop off the outer half.

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I think it works.