Culling geometry outside a set boundary

Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody could help me with an issue I am having. I want my hex grid to be constrained within a curve, and all hexagons outside the grid to be removed, but I am having trouble making this happen.

This is my current script, and what I now want to do with it is constrain it within a selected curve, and then cull the hexagons that are outside or on the boundary of the curve, similar to this:

So far my attempts att culling the excess hexagons has not been very successful, so any help would be much appreciated.

hex_attractor (11.1 KB)

You didn’t internalize your data so your attached file is pretty useless.

However the issue is easy to replicate. I would first test the center point (use polygon center, it’s faster than area), Then test if the remaining geometry intersects the boundary. (18.1 KB)


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the help!

Your script makes perfect sense and I understand the logic, however when I switched the rectangles out for a hexagon grid, it doesn’t cull the exterior hexagons, and I don’t know why.

Based off the script you posted, I managed to combine it with what I had, and it almost works, however the hexagons outside the boundary curve are not culled. I am sure this is an easy fix, I am just unsure on how to do it. I have also included my new script, this time hopefully with the internalized data. hex_attractor (26.1 KB)

Any help would be appreciated,

Regards, Callum

It works fine. I think you are forgetting to turn off the component previews for the other components.

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Hey Michael,

Oh dear, I knew it was something super simple, thanks for the help! I have got my script up and running nicely now. Added a more advanced cull pattern to based on a tutorial found here.

Some of the patterns generated:

Regards, Callum.

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I am having problem as the geometry created is only applicable for 4 point surfaces.Iwant to restrict the geometry inside a curved boundary.
Can someone help me?
I have mentioned my trouble in the next pics

As you can see-
in the 1st case curved boundary surface is not working for the code.
while in the 2nd case-
4 point surface is working but the panels are going outside the curved boundary.
Can anyone help me to correct the code?