Enclosed Boundary - Curves into a 2d hexagon

Hi everyone!

I am having a hard time figuring out a way to set the outer hexagon as a boundary for the inner red curves. so then I can populate a polyhedron with multiple distorted hexagons.
I first unrolled the Polyhedron but I cant find an effective way to fit my cells/units (black and red cluster image 1) into all the other hexagons.
If someone can point me to a tutorial or anything that might help I will greatly appreciate it !
uploaded the rhino file in case someone would like to check it out
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test1.3dm (3.5 MB)

Hi, quick update, maybe someone can help me with this…
its not the cleanest but is there a way to make the perimeter points of the Convex Hull to be constraint to the black hexagon so it distorts if I move the points?

Test_1_re_v1.gh (32.1 KB)

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Thanks !