Aligning surfaces

Hi I need help adjusting the surfaces in this 3D digitized model to be like the physical model in the photo where lines align and the surfaces is like a mesh of diamond surfaces curving along the perimeter of the model. How can I accomplish this in Rhino

third model digitized.3dm (88.4 KB)

Hello - the Orient and Orient3Pt commands should help here, if I understand what you want, which I may not…


i tried the orient 3pt but I’m not trying to fit it at a certain place but I’m trying to make the shapes overlap in a fanning sequence, kind of like a domino effect in movement. I hope I explained it better, I don’t know how else to explain it.

When I did the orient 3pt command it helped me align the shapes but how can I control them so that I can move the shape on the axis that it is joined at so that I can align them at varying angles ? Maybe this is a better explanation since what I’m really trying to do may be more advanced for my skills

Is there a way to join the shapes so that they can stack on top of each other in random configurations


Is this something the Panelling Tools plugin could help with?

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I think you are right, I will check there

Thank you !