How to make the 3D model perpendicular to the coordinate system?

Hello everyone, I am a newbie on the forum. I am currently learning 3D modeling by myself, but it seems not that easy and I have encountered a series of problems.
When I place the model created by 3D scanning into the 3D scene, the model is always tilted. The model file is clear, but it is difficult to align because there is no plane for reference. How can I set the model to be perpendicular to the coordinate system? Can I use Rhino to straighten my model? If possible, how to do it?

Model from Miraco

I would be grateful if you have any good suggestions

Hi there, and welcome.

You can try the Orient3Pt command for this, using three of your chair legs to align to either the grid (by snapping) or a surface.


Very helpful, thank you

I believe this is what you’re looking for