Align surfaces

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Is there a command that allows two very different surfaces to align at a curtain point or line?. I am currently moving the C plane and rotating the surface till I get very close to the other surface but i would like to have the B surface be an extension of A, please see image.

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Try use orient option.

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_orient (2d, some difficulties with 180 degree rotations)
_orient3Pt (3d, more universial)
maybe also

you might want to combine above commands with a custom cplane or with smarttrack

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just checked - i reccomend _orient3Pts
(assuming planarity and straight edges)
best you set a custom cplane to the Surface you want to move.
for _orient3Pts
Reference: 2 Points on the edge, one point outside the surface
Target: 2 Point on the target edge, one point on the surface to be aligned to. (use the _OnSurface object snap)

does this solve your question ? kind regards -tom

Thank you @kunf and @Tom_P for your help.

This is exactly what I have been looking for!! much appreciated!!


You can also use gumball in this case.

Below I changed the gumball to Align to Object, used Cntl to change gumball location, moved to the edge and rotated to the plane. Note that snappy dragging is enabled as well.

**Gumball Rotate Gif**



thank you @Japhy

I appreciate your feed back.

Is it possible to do the same when none of the surface coordinates match using the gumball?

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Can you post an example, not quite following.

@Japhy sure, pls see below

Hello- I think, use GumballRelocate to set the gumball axes in a way which makes sense first - is that what you mean?


That’s an additional rotation or two (around the center), which isn’t always going to be the optimal solution (compared to a quick rotate3d or Orient3pt), then gumball.

**Gumball Multi-Rotate**

gumball-rotate 2

**Orient, Then Gumball Move, Rotate**

gumball-rotate 3


Hi @pascal, i use GumballRelocate but sometimes it doesn’t give me the result I am looking for.

_orient3pt combined with _tangentFrom object snap.
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This is a pretty standard task. I usually rely on the _Orient3pt in a similar fashion like what @Tom_P used in his example above, but instead of using the “Tangent from” snap, I simply pick the 3rd point on the surface to be oriented and when it’s time to set the 3rd point for the target I press the Tab key to lock the direction and use the opposite side of the projected vector.

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