Aligning rows of panels

Hello grasshoppers,

I have a problem working with data trees.
I am modelling a series of buildings where wall panels are aligned to the intersection of a unique curve on each floor with a series of parallel, vertical planes.
I’ve tried several combinations of grafting either the planes or the curves and I keep getting a mismatch. Perhaps it is something I haven’t understood about data trees that should be obvious.
The panels also seem
to be rotating along the axis of the curves which I don’t know how to stop. I would appreciate any pointers at all in this.


flank.3dm (127.6 KB) (10.2 KB) (20.8 KB)

Like this?..

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Right, perfect!

So the problem was that each row of objects must be a list in the tree instead of a separate branch for each object.
Thank you very much, resolved.