Data Tree Issue

Hi everyone, I’m attempting to join sets of points generated from 6 curves and I’m having a data tree issue. I’ve attached a pic of what I would like to achieve. I’ve managed to do it for 1 set of curves but I can’t work out why the other 2 sets won’t. Any help with my definition would be appreciated. Thanks.

Gh (117.2 KB)

For one thing, the leftmost and rightmost pairs of polylines are not the same length so their vertices don’t match. You can get the same result more easily like this: (18.2 KB)

But I wonder why you aren’t using Mesh Edges instead?


This gets confused around the thumb hole(?) but otherwise does a good job separating horizontal from vertical edges. (89.2 KB)

Sorry, Joseph, I should have explained better. The curves are there simply to find the closet vertices of the quad mesh - see pic attached of the green highlighted polylines. It’s these quad vertices I want to create polylines between and it’s the right and left set of vertices which I can’t seem to create horizontal polylines between.

it’s these vertices I’m using as moveable anchors in my Kangaroo simulation to create a crease. see pic.

How about this? The lines connecting the points are organized as three branches of the tree from PShift (green group). I had to sort the culled Crv CP points by Z so each branch of lines is in sequence from bottom to top. (124.6 KB)

I left a copy of my ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool in the file for you to explore the code.

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That’s great, thanks Joseph!