Aligning Faces in the same direction

Unit Form (24.5 KB)

I’m trying to rotate all the faces to face the exact same direction. Just like how they are on the model next to it. I think it may have been how I set it up using the double curved surface so there might be an easier way to do this.


There is almost always another way, though not necessarily easier.


A simple idea could be to project the face on a plane normal to Y ?
Your surface is doubly curved so there is no way to rotate or orient it in a plane without deformation.

Unit Form (27.3 KB)


This worked great thank you

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I can’t tell exactly what you are doing but I’m sure this isn’t it. Still, it’s fun and cool, eh? Planar triangles on the curved surface. (16.0 KB)

Ya not exactly it’s a housing project so I’m creating some massing for units. But that’s a very cool way to create that thanks for sharing something new with me!