Aligning XY's rotation along a curve

I am trying to create a facade with panels along a curved wall. Problem is, I managed to generate these panels in a size and distance I’d like, but I don’t know how to rotate them. I’d like all of them to be thin-side towards the wall’s front, like pic 1, rather than completely not rotated, which results in sometimes being wide-side towards the wall’s front, like pic 2.
I’m attaching my gh and rhino files just in case.
Also, when I made a panel model and tried to align it along the curve, my laptop nearly exploded, so this method with XY’s is the only way it works for me. Probably…
Thank you in advance!

HALA_help.3dm (1.1 MB) (16.0 KB)

Is this what you want to do? (10.3 KB)

Thank you very much, but there is still an issue:

The panels in the back are turned the way I want, but the ones in the front are still wide-side to the front (as in, outside, wherever the front is). I managed to do what I need in sketchup:

But I’m not sure I can transfer it to rhino to do these curved entrances the easy way…

Probably several issues. These panels are not flat, they follow the curve. And it appears to me that they are not all the same width?

Hmm, how come? They’re created from a XY, so they should be flat, and the same width… they are made from simply “thickening” divisions on the loft with the XY, so all should be linear. I don’t know what’s wrong then. Should I try creating a box in gh and then aligning it as 600 copies?

The lofted surface is curved so SubSrf (Isotrim) surfaces will be curved, not flat. And isocurves can be weird, not evenly spaced.

I did things completely differently. Projected the bottom curve to the XY plane and used DivDist to get points evenly spaced. Created domain boxes for the “slats” before rotating them. I ignored the offset surface you had but that could be added… somehow. (13.2 KB)

I don’t know what is front and back but believe all “slats” are rotated correctly. Instead of rotating them about their centers (as I did before), I am now rotating them around the DivDist points.

P.S. This version is very slightly “improved”, using the HFrame as the plane of rotation - but it’s the same point so makes no difference. The offset is more difficult… Don’t have a good solution for that yet. Is it important? The problem is offsetting the two curves that were lofted. :thinking: (13.7 KB)

Got the offset to work. :sunglasses: (15.9 KB)

Thank you so very much, it’s perfect! You helped a lot!
While we’re at it, is there a way to set the panel’s depth? Initially it was 2cm x 40cm, and now I looked for the sizes, but only found the thickness (2cm, which the slider shows kinda different?)
Thanks in advance and thanks for your great help so far!

The ‘thickness’ slider (‘Y’ input to Domain Box) can be changed from 10 mm (1 cm) to 20 (2 cm). The width (‘X’ input to Domain Box) is determined by the length of the projected curve divided by the ‘Count’ slider (600), a left over from ‘V Count’ slider, which results in a width of 85.13 mm. Changing that ‘Count’ slider to 64 results in a width of 798 mm (80 cm?) but looks very strange and wrong.

There is no reason that the ‘Count’ slider (number of “slats”) can’t be set independently of their width using a separate slider, though it may interfere with rotation. (14.8 KB)

There is much I don’t know about your project so will leave it at that.

Thank you very much! I played around with it and adding a simple slider to X worked. Without the divdist it didn’t want to rotate, but somehow works with both batteries? So I’m glad. Again, thank you very much for your help!

I don’t know what you mean? DivDist determines the location points of the slats, but its ‘D’ input could be a slider (value = ~85) connected directly instead of through A/B.

Oh, ok! It’s just it was connected to box X, and when I disconnected it and connected a slider, it didn’t rotate. I connected it back and additionally added the slider and now it works.

Please use the GH file I posted:

Thank you so much again! Everything works! Have a great day