GH Surface Extents?

I’m trying to refine a definition I made and have been using bounding box to help create a new plane to align everything to. But the Bounding Box in my current method only works in one quadrant of rotation (0 to 90). After that my points of my bounding box no longer align with my line work.
Is there a way to Analyze surface as a flat rectangle for it’s extents? If not any suggestions on how to get a plane aligned to my geometry so angle and location coordinates don’t break the definition? (32.5 KB)
Curve To ParaFlat.3dm (42.2 KB)




Haven’t tested it myself, but I believe you can use this plugin to downgrade the new Multiplication component so it’s compatible with older versions of GH:

Very good idea! Might have to try that one.

Downgrade Rhino 6 component to R5 ones: Grasshopper in Rhino 6 introduces upgraded version of Subtraction, Multiplication, Evaluate Surface, Interpolate Curve (Tangent), making it difficult to exchange the GH files with Rhino 5 user. This feature replaces them with their “ancestors” in Rhino 5.

Doesn’t convert the Rhino 6 .3dm file though. This is an easy problem to solve, would love to help.

It’s necessary to choose which side(Edge) to align your bounding box with. (50.4 KB)

Hi @Joseph_Oster

Sorry, didn’t think about the version I was using. Here is a backdated GH & Rhino file if you still have time to show me your idea(s). (30.4 KB)
R5_Curve To ParaFlat.3dm (26.4 KB)


Thanks @HS_Kim

This looks like a good solution. I’ll rework my definition and see what else I can do to break it. Ultimately I’m trying to create this definition I can hand off to other people who are proficient in AutoCAD. And be able to use this to get the base structure finished for them with out much knowledge of Grasshoppper.

I appreciate the help from everyone.