Align planes on a curve


I would like those planes to be aligned with the curve (parallel with the curve and perpendicular to lines), AND I would like to align a closed curve to this plane the same way I would do with a rectangle :



My guess is : Curve Closest Point, Evaluate Curve, Align Plane.

If you need further help, please upload your GH file with internalized geometry.

your guess is right thank you.

So if I resume :

I had extracted the plans of my lines (was it the right way to do so?),
then with Curve Closest Point, I aligned the origin of plan with the intersections between lines and curve (actually the starts of lines which coincidently corresponded with intersections).
Question : what are those parameters I send to Evaluate Curve?
Then I get the tangent parameters that I send to my planes with Align function.

Now I would like to align a curve (imported from rhino) perpendicular to line and centered to planes origins. basically aligned to the plane. The final goal being to do approximatively the same thing as subD connection from parametric house, but with squared sections instead of tubes.

Thank you.

here are the files, but it is a mess : ) (285.0 KB)
hull design.3dm (4.7 MB)

Ok I used Orient… Obviously : )

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I would probably have used Perp Frame on the lines at parameter 0, but your method seems to work.

No actually this is only used to “transform” a point to a parameter on a curve. The origin of the plane is computed from the lines used to construct it. If you need to change the origin afterwards, you can use Plane Origin.

A parameter is a real number that describes at which location you are along the curve. For simple curves (lines, arcs, polylines), provided the curve domain is reparameterized to [0,1], there is a linear relationship between the length along the curve and the parameter (0 = start, 0.5 = middle, …). But for generic NURBS curves this is not the case, so I usually always use Curve Closest Point to compute the parameter.
Most of curve tools in GH require parameters as input (Shatter, Evaluate Curve, Perp Frame…)

Those are vectors, but yes, they are used to align the local X axis of the plane.

Obviously :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.
Not that clear as for now, but getting close to : )

You have no idea how useful this was for me today. :ok_hand: