Align planes with curve

I saw alot of answers on the forum but none seem to work in my case. I have these planes placed on the points that are on a curve. Now they need to align with the curve. I tried it with evaluate curve but I think because the points are set up from the middle this doesn’t work.

align planes.3dm (103.7 KB) align (20.3 KB)

Have you tried using perp frame?

In the future you can internalize the inputs for your GH file. That way, the person helping you does not have to load two files.

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Is there a way using perp frame with the points?

see above, was editing while you posted

I am sorry will do this in the future. Thanks for your suggestion will try using perp frame.

Try to use the tangent output vectors from Divide Distance along with Align Plane.

align (16.8 KB)

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Nice one thanks!

Use Tween curve and Horizontal frames

align (8.2 KB)