Align a curve on a no orthogonal axis

I’m having a hard time on trying to align some curves in non orthogonal axis.
I’ve tried to realign the CPlane and then use the SetPt command, but it doesn’t work.
This image represents a simple example: how to align the yellow line to the black one?
PS: don’t worry about distortion.

that should work (if i understand what you’re asking correctly)

the SetPt command has an option to align_to_world or align_to_cplane… in this case, you would change the cplane then in the SetPt dialog, choose to align to the new cplane…

i’m not sure how the cplane/world options look on windows but on mac at least, they’re pretty obvious…

Jeff, that works!

An alternative is to create a plane in which the curve is to lie, and then use Pull with Loose=Yes to create the curve on the plane.