Airplane Fuselage Modelling from Autocad

Dear all,
I just wanted to ask what would be the easiest way to create a Sailplane fuselage from a 3 views DWG plan. I have imported already from CAD as you can see in this picture.


You could try the free-form modeling tutorial on this page:

Normally I would do it in quadrants. Modeling it as if the cockpit did not exist is probably a good start too. Then trim out for the cockpit later.

Thanks so much for your reply Scott. Very much appreciated… I´ll read the tutorial that you have sent.

It looks like I’m getting there…

Yes, looking better. You may want to complete the profiles in the cockpit area so that they are also closed shapes. Sometimes when there is a large shape change, for instance the nose or the transition from boom to tail is it useful to leave a gap and work the transition after creating the main shapes.

The first 3 examples on this page may help in the more difficult areas:

you could find a good tutorial at, called " Rhino 3D V6 : Supermarine Spitfire Level 2".
Most of it works on Rhino 5 too.