Creating a solid airplane fuselage from curves (ellipses)

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I am attaching a file in which I am creating an airplane fuselage… what would be the easiest way to create the solid from all the ellipses?

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Loft & Network Surface commands may be helpful to create the fuselage :+1:

There’s a good tutorial in the User’s Guide called Trace Images that covers a variety of commands that should prove useful for this.
It’s on the Rhino Learn page.

Fantastic Tutorial! Many thanks

By the way… I have applied Sweep 2 rails, and this is what I got.

What would be the easiest way to smooth the surfaces of the fuselage?

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It’s a dense surface, but what makes you say that it is not smooth?
To make it less dense, make sure that you are using input curves with to lowest amount of points to describe the shape and that all input curves have the same number of points.