Airplane hull

hello!!! I’m trying to make (without success) an airplane hull, like on the attached model… the “network of curves” gives aberrations, and even worse by rebuilding the surface! what’s more, it’s not closed, and making the

reference “nose” of the aircraft is not easy… thanks for your advices!!!

Moved to Rhino for Windows

Hello - I would not try to make this from a single surface - make the sides, the top, a transition in between the two, etc. If you are new to surfacing, take a look at the level 1 and level 2 material here:

This thing might also lend itself pretty well to being built from SubD in the Rhino WIP, but that is a completely different process:


I would model his like a boat hull. First model the bottom of the form with the deck area (top) open. Then com back and add a top deck. Normally if the top fillets are normal radius and the top of the fuselage is planar, then I would model this with top edges that are sharp with no top deck. Then loft a deck across the top later, join it in and fillet the top edges.