Cockpit Canopy Shape

I have to make a model of a shape similar to an aircraft cockpit. I have drawn the curves as accurately as I can and they are G2 .The problem is that it seems I only have three curves to use for the surfaces.The best so far seems to be Surface from Network Curves . When I run Zebra to check the surfaces I can see that I get a poor result because of only having three curves .
I have used Surface Tools later to smooth out the shape but the pinch points at each end are still a problem.
I have tried every type of surfacing options and joining / spitting the curves as well. I am probably missing something.
This must be a fairly common problem ,do I need to split a curve somewhere to provide the fourth component perhaps ?
Trevor01To Forum.3dm (327.0 KB)

File attached.

Hello - for NetworkSrf, combine (Join) the curves into three the long way and one across - does that look better?


Thanks pascal. I went back and tried that and it is much better

I would build this with simple single span degree 5, 6 point surfaces. Then point edited to best approximate your curves. That’s the best way to achieve a smooth form.

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Thanks Stratosfear. I now have two methods to try.