AI optimised relief that turn a single image to a 3d model



HI, this is amazing! Can you provide an overview of your process and tools you used? Thank you!!

I am going to post my plugin in couple days.


Can you tell more about the ai optimisation to better understand what’s happening? Wouldn’t it be possible to do the same using displacement maps inside Rhino? Or does your plugin do more to the image?

It most utilizes pixel’s brightness information. AI for image processing and detecting the features in the image. Input image can be displace maps.

Not sure I fully understand the difference. Maybe I just need to see a comparison between Rhino’s displacement map and what your plug-in does.

You can do comparasiion and try out diffierent images after i post my plugin. I am welcome people to test it. Right now I focus on final polishment before publishing.

Here is comparasion to displacement map.

Your plugin it’s amazing and I know many company that would like to add it to their toolset.
Making button decoration from a picture or very dense pattern for grips would benefit a lot of this technique. The traditional displacement isn’t working right.

My question is if there’s already implemented a control for the draft angle because many of the possible applications involve moulds.

I’ll give it a try next week.


Thank you for your question. I haven;t test on CNC much so far. Here are two solvtions I provide at moment.

You can find a input “Parallel planes”. Control points’ movement will project onto the Parallel planes. By this method you can limit relief’s direction. For example, input XY and YZ plane to “Parallel planes”, the relief on vertical wall only happens on Y axis. For a cylinder, if you input XY plane, which will prevent any movement on Z axis. So the relief alway point out horizontally. Easy to open mold.

There is another parameter called “Cps(AI)”, which controls how dramatic relief behaves. You can reduse it if not passing draft angle check.

You future feedback will be very important for me.

This is fantastic. Well done.

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