Can Rhino do it?

Hey there!
it´s been a wild journey till now, to find an Cad/Modeling programm that can do something like that (Drive Link)
So my next thougt was to ask here, if anyone has experience in this kind of detailed art.
and how much hours of work were evolved in this Model?

Greetings from Germany

Looks a lot like what this new plugin is going.


this looks very much like it’s been done with multiple programs. The dragon relief is surely done with blender or mudbox. bending the thing around the volume and combining of the volumes probably with a program like rhino. This model is very proper and nice, although not excessively defined, but this can have advantages or disadvantages depending on how you plan to realise the thing.
to make something like this from scratch depends very much on the clients demand. how much liberty you would leave to the designer or how much you want to control (or maybe how precise your idea is regarding shapes, your wish to be part of the design process, cultural correctness etc).

lately there’s been a AI image optimizer for heightfield function in rhino that would propably do it in no time…IF you have a halfway ok photo of your design. It’s really hard to say a hour time, as it is depending on so many parameters.

@Japhy just added the link to the tool

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we dont know exactly how its made or which programm/s, the only information we have is.
that the dragon was imported and wrapped around the lipstick-mine or zylinder.

in the future we will or should be able, to take the idee or model from the client. model it render it.
make the model out of metall to produce silikon moulds for the lipstick.

so now were searching for the quickest and easiest way for this process

right, basically you dont want to produce it in metal to make a mold. resin does very well and is more cost effective and has a better finishing surface (except you take a lot of time to polish it carefully in the gaps)

else I think Rhino is perfectly able to do so and probably the best solution with the new plug-in instead of mudbox or blender. Also it combines renderer and construction program in one, so I honestly think this will be the best solution for you with the information given.
just to keep it simple and if I understand correctly, that’s what you are looking for?

Hey there

that kind of design it’s a good option to make in Zbrush,you should take a min to check it out from Maxon Zbrush, like rhino and Zbrush user that is my recomendation

Yeah, keep it simple and not too overcomplicated.
Normal lipsticks, whitout any or the same surfaced were finished by hand till now,but with such a level of detail it is no longer possible.
In the Future we will machine the blank, and finish it on a 5-achsis CNC Laser.
this gives us many options for the surface and the level of detail

The bigger Challenge we have is getting the model right

Thanks for the tip whit the Add-On i will try it tomorrow

From the Object Description it reads that: Object name: Exported from Blender-2.80 (sub 75)

But as Vale 0815 indicates that does not definitively tell one about it’s origins.


Are you referring to the SufraceRelief plugin ?

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yes I am. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks extremely promissing and let’s say I have done many many reliefs for watch brands in my career.