Again problem with PictureFrame

At first it work perfectly but then measures of picture inrease by its own. Like this


Hi Aram - what service release (SR) of Rhino are you running (Help > about Rhinoceros) and what video card do you have?


Hi Pascal - Version 5 SR12 32-bit
(5.12.50810.13095, 10-Aug-15)
Developer Build
SN: 4-1500-1308-100-0003909-30996

Hi Aram - it looks like you need to download and install the current AMD drivers for that card- what you show there indicates the ‘real’ drivers have not yet been installed. That said, Rhino’s been having problems with Radeon cards lately but as far as I know not this particular problem, so the correct driver may solve it.


I guess the very problem is mother board. Couple of months ago I tried to install new driver but I couldn’t.

Perhaps there is a BIOS update for the motherboard that will fix the display driver update issue.