After all what is a skin?

I’m actually confused…

I always thought that the creation of a personalized skin, allows Rhino to be graphically personalized, this until now that I started trying to create one.

So,I’m realizing that I can’t do much more than:

1º Change the Name
2º Change Icon
3º Make some scripts on statup, OnBeginLoadPlugIn, OnMainFrameWindowCreated etc
(but that most “rhinocommon” commands related to the graphical part will not work)
4º This skin allows you to function as a user profile(which is very good because it keeps all the preferences settings)

This is the only documentation, I suppose there are no more messed up than these?

After all, what is Skin for?
Can I do more than that graphically?


Hi @MatrixRatrix,

More on Rhino skin assemblies:

The skin assembly doesn’t provide much, other than an application icon, splash screen, and application name. Other customizations come from Rhino plug-ins that are bundled with the skin.

– Dale