How to use skin (patch a mesh hole)

why i input “skin” in rhino6,it outputs “unknown command:skin”.
how to use skin

Hi @1351648725,

Please review this document and let us know if you have any questions.

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you may make a wrong understanding.the “skin” i said is to create a surface to fill a hole in.then i can adjust the surface to make it fit in the hole.

If you were just using Rhino, what command would you use? You might also post an example of the surface you want to create.

– Dale

this is the hole,i need to patch the hole,and then i want it be adjustable,so i can make it the shape i want.
i have just used rhino for few days, i only know few commands.

I’ve moved this to the Rhino for Windows category so those who know Rhino’s mesh tools can assist.

– Dale

it seems to be a mesh, you have to look at the mesh toolbars, mainly in the repair tools but I guess you will have more luck with other softs like Meshmixer for that kind of tasks as you show in the picture.

Hello - see the attached file for one way to do this in Rhino- a good way to create the initial patch is to DupBorder on the mesh and use SelBrush (Mesh points on) with the curve option to select near-the-edge points like so:


FillMeshHole_Smooth.3dm (3.0 MB)


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