Plugin with custom skin

Hi guys,

I am currently developing a plugin for a client (using RhinoCommon-C#) that needs to have a custom skin. This skin should work hiding all Rhino toolbars, panels, menus, etc… and showing just my own created toolbar and one customized panel.

Currently, the plugin works correctly, as well as the panel and the toolbar. Regarding the custom skin, everything works correctly except for the operations related to the management of the user’s toolbars. So far I have tried using the skin’s configuration files (settings and window_positions xml files), but it doesn’t work in all cases (it depends on the configuration that the user has in the default profile).

Any ideas/advice to carry out this custom configuration so that it works in all cases? Ideally the plugin and skin should work “independently” of Rhino’s default scheme, so that the user perceives it as two different programs.

Thank you in advance!

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@JohnM - is this something you can help with?