Advices for topology (beginner)


As I mentionned earlier I’m learning to use Rhino. I’m watching a lot of tutorials and do them, but I need here advices for a topolgy before beginning a new object.

Please find below images of the kind of closed shape with different pronounced curvature I try to do :

and it has a little “technical” part

I think that this post could also help me for the main shape (?).

PS : could you indicate me how to do this ?

Thanks in advance for your advices.

Hello @Basilic,

Your photos don’t make what you want entirely clear, but as a general solution the “Sweep 1 rail” command is probably a good starting point and you should read the help material on it, then:

  1. Create a cross-sectional outline of the object. Here is a generic example

  2. Create a rail that represents the shape the cross-section is to follow.

  3. Position the cross-section correctly on the rail.

  4. Use the Sweep1 command to create your object.

  5. For the “technical part” you can use the boolean tools to add or subtract other solid parts. Again, check out the help details to see how this works out.


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Thanks a lot for this return.

What kind of curve (or other tool) did you choose for the rail and the cross-sectionnal outline ?

How can I’ll introduce curvature on each side of the shape (where red arrow are placed as shown below) ?


ps : what does “It would be nice if you edited your Discourse profile” means ?

A mix of straight lines, arcs, an ellipse (split) probably covers it. Join, trim and fillet to assemble, tidy and polish. If you are not yet comfortably familiar with how to do this then go here: Rhino - Learn to use Rhino ( and start out with the Level 1 Manual - that will give you a more balanced foundation than most YouTube tutorials.

It isn’t clear how you want to use curvature: maybe in the plane of the rail, or perpendicular to it?

Just use different curves for the rail.

Or maybe you mean changing the cross-section to be more rounded at the arrows? - just add more cross-sections in different shapes and the sweep will try to accommodate them.

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Indeed, I would like to do this kind of curvature, as you shown.

:+1: Thanks for the link.

ok, I’ll do this.

Right now I’ll complete your answer with tutorials, thanks a lot again, I needed a confirmation of the way to follow.

I’ll try but I can change it.

Hi -

You should be able to do that now.