Help with How To Build

I am pretty new to Rhino but understand most of the basic building concepts.

I have this image below that someone else created using Rhino and I would like to know how others suggest making such an object. i.e. would it be best to use Sweep1, Sweep2, Loft, Rail Revolve, Extrude with FilletEdge, CageEdit, etc, etc…

I have not been able to figure out a practical method to reproduce this shape. It reminds me of a boat/ship haul but less symmetrical so maybe there is a method being used that I have not tried.

Any thought and help are appreciated!!!

Each of the three raised sections don’t match down their centers so each half suggests separate 2-rail sweeps. They are on a flat base that appears to be offset from the outer rail locations then offset again, dropped a bit, and then perhaps another set of 2-rail sweeps or lofts. Then a little trimming and joining should do the trick.

Hi Edward,

Sweep2 could work here as JB mentioned but I’d also suggest using Loft as shown with three curves for each mounded area. I drew the simplest three curves first and then used Bend on copies of those before lofting the versions that arc and become asymmetrical.

Hi John and Brian,
This is helpful and I appreciate your help! I will give it a go, again.