Adjusting Scale of text in Rhino Layout?

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The text is 200mm high and works well in my model space but becomes huge in the layout space (please see picture). What is the issue and how can i solve it?
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Hi Artur - set text height to be correct in layouts, then set scaling for model space in DocumentProperties > Annotation page.



HI @Arthur_Mamou_Ma,
All the layout scaling of text and dimensions also messes me around alot since Rh5.
Rh4 was simple. ie. Use 1:1 in model space and then scale the entire Layout Detail in one go and everything scales together.
The idea in v5 was to have the text remain the same size in different layout detail scales, but for the most part it is just a headache.
Easiest way to use 1:1 WYSIWYG text in model space and still use the more global Detail Scale in Layout is to select the text in model space, Press F3 for PROPERTIES and un–tick the " Layout Scaling" option.
The text will now be visible in layout detail the same as it is visible in model space in proportion to the drawing etc. in model space.
I do the same for Dimensions and switch off the global layout scaling in the options, else you end up with some things scaling and others not etc. and you make a diagram with mixed linework, text and dimensions in model space which looks great and it turns into an abstract artwork in layout space.
So for me it is best to switch off all the nonsense.(Not trying to offend anyone, but this has wasted alot of my time since v5 came out.)
Yes, you can make it work using the scaling on, but then you have to setup different dimension definitions for each possible layout scale you might use and variation etc. and then assign the right def to the right dimension and then only use them in layout space, which then becomes a circus act of layout and model space… I’ve tried many variations and in the long run the v4 model space 1:1 method was better and much faster for me, and I produce many layouts.
WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get
Hope that makes sense. Michael VS

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What? That does not seem to make sense. What if you have the same drawing in various scales? If there is one setting that should be the “ruling” then it should be model space. I have the same issue.

Hi - this thread is old and was about a workflow in Rhino 5. In Rhino 6 you can set annotation scaling for model space and layout space individually. Which Rhino version are you running?

How can you do that? I was looking to find this setting but couldnt.