Editing blend curves messes them up with latest SR

I think this started happening with SR21. Anyone else experienced it?


GIF 09.01.2020 14-35-59

Can you post a file with steps to reproduce?

Hello - please do post an example file. This looks like something that is fixable if we can reproduce it.


blend-edit.3dm (1.3 MB)

It actually seems to only happen if one side is set to tangency and the other is set to curvature…

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Here’s an example in SR26, where both sides of the blend curve was set to G3:


blend-edit-flip.3dm (63.4 KB)

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Thanks, I see that - that one is fixed in V7 as far as I can see can you have a try?

RH-58906 BlendCrv - Editing makes a mess


Ah yes, it’s fixed in the WIP, thanks!