Adjustable Curve blend issue with Rhino 6.11.18331.19171 Update (27/11/2018)

After the latest update dated on 27/11/2018, I have noticed the following:

  • The position of the starting points of the blend are not aligned at the end points of curves and edges.
  • In many cases, the direction of the tangency and curvuture etc. handles are on the opposite direction.

Changing the direction of the curves or flipping the surfaces does not solve any of the above.


Hi Stef - in V6, the blend curve can start at the pick point or at the curve ends - it will behave as you point out if the start is set to ‘PickPoint’


Hello Pascal,

I am so happy that I keep posting about silly incidents. If I was not sitting in front of Rhino I would have been 1000% certain that i had set my blend curve to curve ends.

Much appreciated again Pascal.