Adjust Status Bar Layout?

Is there any way to adjust the spacing of the status bar layout? I’d like to be able to have more room for the object layer The area isn’t wide to show the entire layer name when I’m using several nested layers. The application information (terminology?) section of the status bar (i.e. the pane where CPU use, time since last save, etc.) takes up more than half the width of my screen and is mostly blank.
I realize I can show the Selected Object Layer in the application information pane, but in order to keep that information constantly available I would have to turn off the other information (such as memory usage, etc). Ideally I’d like to move the Selected Object Layer Pane to the right of the application information pane or the Filter pane and widen it.

The tooltip on that pane should show the full layer name - it currently, incorrectly, shows the current layer instead- this has been fixed.


Ah, that explains it then. That should take care of my concern then. Thanks Pascal.