Can more local control with the sliders be achieved for BlendSrf?

When blending two surfaces with BlendSrf it is possible to adjust the sliders to edit the distance of influence for each surface. Is it also possible to vary this distance of influence along a surface edge? Let’s say that you want to set the distance of influence for the first surface edge. And you need 0.3 for 1/3 of the first surface edge, then 0.2 for the next 1/3 of the surface edge and then 0.3 again for the last 1/3 of the surface edge. Can this be done?

I know that something like this should be possible with add shapes, but I’m not quite sure how that process works. Can the shapes be edited using their control points? It seems that this can be done after adding the shapes, by exiting the “Add Shapes” mode, but how do you do this (Rhino 5)?

@Stroopwafelandcoffee, yes you can edit these.

After adding the shapes, press ENTER once, then controlpoints for each shape appear which you can drag around. By holding SHIFT you can edit them symmetrically (for each side of the shape), by holding ALT you can rotate the edge angle. It works best if grid snap is diabled.


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