'Addition' module copy/paste & re-open glitch | module appearance preferences



When I copy and paste the “Addition” module (after deleting the inlet/outlet text), the “A” & “B” reappear!
This is detrimental, because I may be using variables entitled A and B somewhere else in the document. The other modules do not do this.
In fact, when I was only using a trial version of Rhino with the grasshopper add-on, I think this did not happen.
Could this be the result of a problem during installation?



Behavior confirmed in Rhino 5 and GH Version 0.9.0076. Makes sense to me. Unlabeled inputs are not a good idea. These aren’t variable names and don’t need to be unique. Label them anything you want, just don’t leave them empty.


That is also impossible due to the same problem.
If I type in names, it also deletes the text, and replaces it with “A” and “B”.


That’s a strong word since the code has been working that way for a long time. There may be good reasons that it doesn’t match your expectations. It’s certainly not a show-stopper. Adapt and overcome!


So I take it you are not a Halloween mask of Robert McNeel.
Or are just particularly lazy &/or malicious? today?
I must admit that the strategy of sabotage (no matter how subtle) for purposes of extortion of implied, or not even implied, due or undue funds, is one that I do not subscribe to. It confuses the difference between what/who is good, and what/who is bad.
I hope you will be more helpful in the future.


Will you please direct me to the pages I must read in order to most efficiently fix this problem?


Have you ever heard the theory that deja vu occurs because when they drill holes through your brain (to get where they need to go), a little electrolyte flows in through the tunnel behind the auger and causes a short circuit forming an electric bridge between an active part of the brain and a dormant part of the brain?


It’s not just deja vu, though, I think it can cause other stuff, too.

(David Rutten) #9

I think a bug like that was fixed fairly recently:


Ok, I clicked the link…on my program it’s only the addition component with the problem.
Is there a patch/update download in the link?
I didn’t see it if there was, could you describe where on the page it is?
I did click a link that took me to the Rhino 6 download page.
If I need to upgrade from Rhino 5 to Rhino 6, is it possible to do so for free???
***I only ask because I bought the program January 8, 2018 and still had many days (maybe 30 or so?) of the 90 day trial remaining. Is it possible to find out exactly how many in hindsight??

Thank you for your help.
Also, for some reason, I did not have this problem while using the trial; only after payment was made.:joy:

(David Rutten) #11

You’ll need to get Rhino6 to get those fixes.

Sorry I don’t know if there’s a grace period for Rhino5 purchasers to upgrade to Rhino6 for free, I try not to familiarise myself too much with the licensing and purchasing.

(Wim Dekeyser) #12

I didn’t get the impression that there is any official policy on that but pine of the resellers that is frequently on this forum has said that you should be able to return Rhino 5 to your reseller and exchange it for a Rhino 6 version.

(qythium) #13

Here’s a quick C# script that removes parameter nicknames from all components in the document that match a user defined list:

GH_Document thisDoc = this.Component.OnPingDocument();
foreach(var obj in thisDoc.Objects){
	if (names.Any(s => s == obj.Name.ToString())){
		var comp = obj as GH_Component;
		foreach(var param in comp.Params){
			param.NickName = "";

remove_nicknames.gh (6.7 KB)