When I copy and paste x, +, - modules, A and B appear in the inputs. NO

When I delete the input text, then copy and paste the x, +, and - modules, A and B reappear in the inputs.
I do not want this. It is unappealing. It is unpleasant.
In Rhinohopper 5.~~~ , when I deleted the text in the inputs and then copied and pasted the modules, they stayed blank. That was very satisfying. I enjoyed it. :male_detective:
The division module [in Rhino 6] still behaves properly! Wonderful! :rofl:
What must I do to get the three non-division modules to also behave appropriately?:thinking:

In fact, the modules with the “old” stickers on them behave appropriately. Is there anything I can do to get the “old” stickers off the modules that work?

Could you explain to me how this thread is not supposed to be in the Grasshopper category?

It is now.

Unnamed parameters signal to variable-parameter components that they have to invent a nickname for the unnamed input/output. You can use spaces as nicknames, it doesn’t actually make the components any wider than empty names.

I could have used a different string to signal unnamed-ness like ">/':}+~" which would have been less likely to conflict with a human chosen name, it just didn’t occur to me people would not want to name their inputs, but I can see how for simple arithmetic operations where all inputs are basically of the same type and meaning it might make sense.

Use spaces instead of empty nickname. You cannot change the behaviour, if you want 100% control over every aspect of a program, you will have to write it yourself.

Use spaces instead of empty nicknames and it won’t be a kink in your workflow any longer.
Any more homophobic comments and you’re permanently going on my naughty list.

It still does not exist, if you use the obsolete components that did not support a variable number of input parameters. The newer versions have components that do (except for Division, as you so eloquently observed) and one of the problems that came along with this change is that empty nicknames are now treated as an indicator for missing nicknames. But, you can use spaces instead to get around this undesired behaviour.

I can’t even begin to understand what process of thought would lead you to this conclusion. My time is far too precious to try and trick paying customers into applying for a refund, despite the vast riches this obviously entails.

I think it’s probably best you return the software for a full refund and we part ways here in perpetuity.

I’d say no.

I’d say no.

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