Grasshopper Problems

I think the creators of Rhino/Grasshopper are sabotaging their own program(s).
I have a problem where “A” and “B” constantly reappear and override my descriptions on the addition module within Grasshopper.
It did not do that while I was using the trial, but after I paid for the full version they sabotaged that previously perfectly functional part of the program.
Because I still had a couple of months left on the free trial when I bought the license, and the new version became available just a week or so after purchase, I called customer service and was able to obtain a refund.
I downloaded the newest version to see if the problem was fixed, and couldn’t even get it to install.
So now I am just using the old version free trial of Rhino, because I can use ALL of Grasshopper’s functionality, including saving, and I only have Rhino to use Grasshopper anyway.
Although, funnily enough, the bug persists, even though I am back to the point of having given McNeel & Associates no money.
I guess they just like sabotaging their own program!
But to be truthful, in addition to having to constantly erase the “A” and “B” out of the “+” module every time I copy/paste or save and reopen, the refund process has wasted quite a bit of my time.
It seems to be completely negative, and I’m not sure why they want to create these completely negative experiences.
I have to wonder if they would be happier with my money in their pocket and me a happy customer, instead of a confused non-customer.

I’m sorry it broke, but c’mon dude. It’s not like we sit around all day thinking of fresh ways to screw paying customers. We probably wouldn’t be operating a no-expiration-no-questions-asked-money-back-if-unhappy guarantee if that were the case.

We’re not perfect and often we make mistakes, but we do take our mission statement pretty seriously.


That would be boring.
If you were successful doing so, the task would be done soon.
Because the lack of customers… :wink:

It would probably be more fun than staying up to 1am in a panic trying to find a serious bug in file saving causing large amounts of internalised data to take forever to write and thus bringing GH to its knees due to frequent autosaves, but I have a dark-brown feeling that Bob is willing to pay me for only one of those two alternatives.

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I thought you just sabotaged your own program. Nothing actually broke.

Ok, so you are saying that “sit[ting] around all day thinking of fresh ways to screw paying customers” would be more fun than fixing an auto-save bug, but Bob will pay you to do only one of those two alternatives.
I’m trying to keep up. What are the two alternatives? And alternatives to what? Do you mean to say “options” instead of “alternatives”?
If you are saying that ‘Bob’ is only going to pay you to either think of ways to screw over paying customers -OR- fix the autosave bug, why wouldn’t you simply fix the autosave thing, and not bother with sabotaging your own program?
I don’t mean to be insulting.
I think you must be talented to contribute to such a program, and I definitely don’t want to waste your time.
That being said, can you teach me to “program” enough to the point where I may undo the sabotage of the addition module?

I am willing to pay for Rhino again, if the problem can be fixed.
If you or your company are only going to add additional problems after purchase, I don’t want to buy it, especially since reverting back to the free trial state hasn’t reversed the problem.
So, I don’t want to pay anyone to create more permanent problems.

If you’re talking about this issue, you do not have to program anything yourself, you just need to update to a more recent Rhino6 because it was fixed last December.

If not, then I need more information and hopefully a way to replicate the problem so I can fix it for next week’s release.

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I moved this thread to a new topic

I think you Mr Ruten an apology. He has both a) opened up an entire field of geometrical exploration to the world, and b) will actually take the time to answer questions, usually quickly! So, please change the tone of your comments! Your time will be valuable after you have learned both Rhino and Grasshopper, perhaps less so before. As you learn these tools, expect a learning curve, it may take some time to get proficient.
Regardless, you should apologize.


It’s fine. He was rude, I was rude, it all balances.

I think it’s fair to say that Grasshopper has a QA problem. The entire user base appears to be running seriously buggy code, old and new.

You can sabotage the Addition component by putting it in a cluster, then you will have its functionality and you will not lose the nicknames, although you will have to access it to add more inputs (in 7 clicks). You can also extract the Addition parameters and display them with text and put the name on them.