Adding up with Shift and Release back with Ctrl+LeftClick

I used to like so much the feature came with Rhino 5.0 adding more object to the selection by shift and release selected object by CTRL and mouse Left Click. This feature also working in Rhino 6.0 at normal selection, But shift+Left Click same time adding more object in selection also release back in selection. It was better like Shift + left Click select only, Ctrl+Left Click Release only.

By the way, in the command for selecting _DupEdge, removing unwanted selection is not working just like in Rhino 5.0. I believe it is a bug.
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shift-LMB and ctrl-LMB work still the same as before. Shift extends the selection, ctrl removes from selection.


  • I am sorry I missed the detail. “_DupEdge” Command, removing unwanted selection is not working only in Blocks.

Wanted and Unwanted Feature:

  • Currently Shift + LMB Adds and also Remove objects if selected in V6.0 (Version 6 SR14
    (6.14.19118.15561, 28/04/2019 )… So it is not same as Rhino 5.0. If Shift+LMB only add, and CTRL+LMB only Removing option more useful just like in Rhino 5.0.
  • I am using “Move” and Sub Command“Vertical” a lot. Actually I am missing most of the times other axis choices too. If we have a sub choice in Move command for only desired direction I assume we save at least 30-60 seconds sometimes. If such things repeats 60 times or more during the day, we save up to 1 Hour.
    Solution : Move and Copy Command should have option in Perspective View like" X,Y,Z, Line" of choices instead of “Vertical” Sub command. Gumball Axial move helps sometimes, But most of the time I really need to block other axis of movement in Perspective working environment.

Currently to solve this issue, I am “drawing Points or line, extend command, and/or Extrude Surfaces to cut lines to find intersection and move object to the temporary reference! After the move, delete temporary lines, surfaces and points”

If I really have time to learn for Rhino plugin Development , It will be pleasure to start coding in C# for this issue…

I can confirm this.

I cannot reproduce this here with normal objects… Do you have an example?

I will try to simplify the feature need. I also thought it could be even better.
Current Situation :

  • Once Move Command activated; Sub Command choice appeared like “( Vertical=No )”. In default, X-Y direction in Perspective. 2D views already in their own view axis in default. If vertical chosen, its only works vertical linear direction in Perspective, 2D views in depth axis. Its actually very useful, but needed to be more developed in Command .

Requirement for Move or Copy :

  • Once Move or Copy Command activated; Sub Command choice appeared like;
    Select Direction : “( X-Y, X-Z, Y-Z, X , Y, Z, Custom, )”
    For Example:
    a - ) if “Custom”, Sub option could be specified like Select : (“2P, Line, Surface”) “First Point, Second Point of Direction” , “Select Line for direction”, “Select Surface Plane” Results limiting the movement of axis for copy or Move direction is toward Line, Two point direction or Plane area.
    b-) if “Z” axis choice, (It is same as this version (“Vertical”) in current version.)
    c-) if “Y” or " X" axis choice, It is limited to chosen direction.
    d-) if “X-Y” Plane type selection, (It is default in Perspective already in current version.)
    e-) if “X-Z”, or “Y-Z”, Plane type selection, movements Limited to selected plane.

Next improvement:

  • For Move or Copy Commands, as Graphical selection appeared a transparent Plane or Axis to Limiting selections just like in command choices similar to the SolidWorks.
  • For sketching in Perspective, Optional Selecting Temporary Surface plane in Graphical or Command Sub Options.
  • Orienting the Camera in Perspective view perpendicular to surface or plane command (Similar to Zoom Selected) .