Add a new viewport above the default 4 'tabs' in v6 for Mac

Currently un-able to figure out how to add another viewport above the default 4. Can’t find anything on it in help docs or wider web search.

It is a core function that I’ve been able to do quickly and easily in my Rhino for Windows since the early days in 2008.

Currently only able to add a new floating viewport in my new Mac v6 - which is less than ideal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(note: nothing to do with layouts function - just the viewport tabs)


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I’m not aware this was ever possible.
Are you thinking of the NewFloatingViewport command?

Hello Again John,

Many thanks for getting back to me.

Yes correct; it is to do with the new floating viewport - in previous PC versions, perhaps due to my specific set up and twin screens etc, it would, when calling up an extra viewport by using the ‘+’ tab next to the normal 4 that there were, it would call up an extra viewport (using the same programming set up as the ‘new’ floating window tool I assume) but it would just pull it up over the top of one of the 4 viewports already (in terms of actual final viewports on screen) more or less docked in there.

I think what has been confusing me with the mac v6, that I’m adapting to (poorly!), is that with the ‘new’ new floating viewport command that there is now, it brings that viewport up in a position totally divorced from the set 4 quads, it feels like it is opened up in fully different program window - that can disappear behind ‘main’ Rhino program window entirely and you need to drag to one side that and pull the floating window back - it truly is floating as the command suggests! That is not really what I’m after.

So whilst I concede that the programming nature of the tool may have not really changed in that before all the tab did was cycle through new views that were all essentially ‘floating’ and it would just sort of ‘bring to front’ those essentially ‘floating’ windows that had been docked, it really doesn’t operate in that manner any more and so depending on your POV, the function is not there in v6 for mac currently I would say if you follow.

So: 1. Any chance we can get the ‘+’ tab back then - that is effectively the main source of my confusion. As it was visually gone, I assumed the function was also gone, allied to the fact that the ‘new’ new viewport function operated slightly differently (to my previous set up at any rate) made me assume that the function was missing entirely - which again depending on your POV it sort of is - or rather it is present still but in the long-form. Could easily be rectified (even if the floating viewport newly created does just come in wherever and you need to drag into a autodock position over the main 4, which is fine I suppose) if you could put the ‘+’ tab back in. Very confusing when items like this that have always been there just disappear for long-time (PC) users.

  1. Once we’ve that there, can we also get the new viewport to stack into the tabs as before.

  2. The new viewport to able to be autodocked to the main 4 as before, and be ‘within’ the main rhino frame as it were, and not be this magic carpet type floating window?

So that would ideally be what I’m after. I assume an issue with ye-olde stubborn Mac’s being their usual ‘no: it has to be done like this, or fit to xyz graphical format, or be no longer that x’ self, but if possible would be an ideal fix!

Kind Regards,

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I would like to return to this question. In 7 we have the Layout Panel and not so much need for the Layout Tabs, so they can easy be “consolidated” to one tab by rightclicking. However we have a lot of Named Views which are a mix of modelviews in a mixture between both 2D and 3D (parallel, perspective and 2-pkt perspective, cameras) and NO WAY of sorting the Named Views, filtrering them or organizing them in a hierachy. Some inspiration could be taken from SketchUp here.