Rhino 8 Beginner Question: Changing Views

What is the intended fast way to change views? In RHino 7 the four main views had buttons at the top of the screen. Going to “right” was a one-click operation

In Rhino 8 I can click the dropdown in the upper left corner of the view->Set View->Right, a three click operation.

I have also found that I can double click the view name in the upper left corner to get all four views, then double click the one I want, a two double-click operation.

What is the approved solution?

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What do you mean by “approved solution”?

Use the method which works for you.

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Is there any one click way to do this (as in 7) or is multiple click the way in 8.

In V8 look in the lower left corner for the tabs with the view names. (This is in the Windows version but the User Interface in V8 is supposed to be common between the Windows and Mac versions.
I assume they can be moved to the top of the screen. Someone else will need to explain how.

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Thanks, the problem with folks moving things.

In Rhino for Windows the view tabs have been in the bottom left corner since at least V5. I don’t use Rhino for Mac so I don’t know where they have been in the past.