Adding loads


I’ve recently started to use grasshopper and RiR. First of all, it is a great plugin and extremely useful, so congrats!

I am a structural engineer and it would be amazing if you could add for the next versions some boxes to add loads to beams and floors. It is really tedious to add loads in revit, and if there would be the possibility of adding the loads from grasshopper it would be great.
I usually export the geometry from Revit to ETABS/SAP2000 and then I add the loads there. However, if there are any changes in geometry I have to add the loads again. If there would be the box of loads this process would much more easy and fast.

Just as an idea to improve the plugin :wink:


What is stopping you from adding loads currently? I’m not quite following. Loads would be a Key/Pair value correct?

Hi Japhy,

Is there an option to add loads using RiR? How can I generate the loads in GH and transform them to Revit loads using RiR?


Generating Loads? as in Structural Analysis? That’s a different ballgame with lots of options depending on your needs.

Please see Food4Rhino for existing Structural Analysis packages.

Salamander 3 is a link to Autodesk Analysis.

One of the more popular ones is Karamba.

I know… That’s why I said it would be great if you could add the option that Revit has of adding loads.
I’ve tried Salamander 3 to export the model from GH to ETABS or SAP2000 but it doesn’t work. I sent an email but i don’t have an answer yet…