Creating revit analytical lines and surface from RIR


is there any plan to add creating analytical model features in the future development?
It will certainly help the structural engineers a lot!

thanks in advance.

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Hi Junghwo,

We do have a feature request on this topic, let me know if there is anything we need to add.

The roadmap for new components of this magnitude will be more clear once Rhino 8 is released. There are a number of Disciplines that are cued up for additional components; Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical, Structural.

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Hi @Japhy,

Thanks for the comments.
Yes… This topic would be a game changer for the structural engineers who work with the Revit analytical model. Structural Load element is one thing, however, I feel more important to have additional components to create structural analytical line for the members and surface for the walls and slabs.

I have spoken about this topic with @kike in Barcelona last week.
He is also aware of the topic and hope we can have it in the next release :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks always and look forward to using RIR in Rhino8 soon.