Adding License to Cloud Zoo-previously not used

I have not used Cloud Zoo with an Educational Lab License before, Rhino8 wants me to use this method, but won;t add the license and gets ‘hung-up’ when I supply the previous Rhino7 Key! Ideas? - Chris.

If you are installing an upgrade license in the cloud zoo, then the previous license being used for the upgrade needs to be there as well (exception - v5 and earlier). If the previous V6 or later license is installed elsewhere (LAN Zoo, local), you will need to transfer it to the Cloud Zoo first.

Thanks for the info, next…how do I achieve the transfer? the license in question is an Educational lab License for which I believe Rhino8 requires the use of a Team set-up?


Here is the wiki page for that:

Note there will be a certain time between when you remove the license from the LAN Zoo and when you get the license into the Cloud Zoo, create the team and invite all the members. During that time, users will not have access to a license… so it is important to plan when the transition will take place.

I am assuming the device to which the License is associated will be required, is there an alternative method if that device is not available?

For the Cloud Zoo, there is no “device”. It’s entirely online. The team members will need to create their own Rhino account (part of the process) and then they will have access to the lab license from any device anywhere.

I am attempting to create the Cloud Zoo, every time I am asked to supply an earlier Key, I receive a message informing me that the license is being used on another device, remove it first…will this occur for all 30 previous Lab Licensed devices (as standalones!)?

Ahh… the previous license was installed locally on 30 machines, not in a LAN Zoo? I’m not sure, but I guess you will need to uninstall all of them, yes. @Bernat - do you know how this should work?

@Helvetosaur that is correct. If the license was installed as Standalone before, all the installations must be removed before changing the licensing method.

@chriswhite could you please email your license key to so we can help you identify the machines where the license key is?