Adding graphic over surface with existing texture? Blend mode in rhino ala photoshop?

Im trying to add a graphic of grafitti over a surface with a metal siding texture applied as a color. I want the siding to still be evident. In photoshop, one is able to change the blend mode to allow this to happen, but Im not sure how to pull this effect off in rhino. I tried adding the png images as a transparency, bumb, and environment, but neither of these work. I then tried creating a copy of the wall surface offset 1" and adding the graphic to it, but I couldn’t figure out how to turn off the white so it would show transparent. Finally, I added it as a decal, and although the graphic does show up and the png works, Im not sure how to change the blend mode? This is in rendered view mode. How would I go about doing this? Thank you.

Hello- currently there are no blend modes I’m afraid -


3DCoat will do this sort of thing very nicely.
Obviously it’s only worth buying if you are doing lot’s of that sort of thing.


Thanks Pascal. Any chance this will be a new upcoming feature?

Thanks Steve. I downloaded the trial of 3d coat and will give it a try. Hopefully it’s not going to take hours of tutorials to learn to do this. Cheers