Adding an image to a surface RHINO 6 MAC

I’m trying to add a simple .png to a surface in Rhino for a web illustration of a product. I’ve seen where “Decal” is still only for Windows. I’ve read through the forums and I can’t find the exact answer. I’ve tried “flow along surface” and a few other methods. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Here is an image of what I’m trying to do.

In your properties box, top right, there’s a little symbol for decal, scroll down a little and you should see a little + sign, it really is small and easy to miss tbh

Thank you for helping, but I don’t see it. I’m using 6.24.20079.23332, (2020-03-19) on Mac OS X. I can’t seem to find that anywhere. Am I missing it somewhere in my version?

Also, here’s a screenshot of the panel.

As you can see, my properties panel doesn’t give me the option for “Decal”. Has this been implemented for the Mac version yet?

click ‘show properties panel’ , then highlight/slect an object

You totally rock! And I’m an idiot! Thank you SOOOOO much for helping me with this!

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you can add how many inspector panels you can have in the RH sidebar, go to preferences, themes :+1: