Rhino --> Revit, Coordinate


When I’m using the “Add DirectShape” node, I find the location is off between Revit and Rhino workspace (units are both “mm”). Is it because of the pivot point of the “Type” is not aligned with the location point? If so, how can I solve this problem?

Thank you!

Since you are adding a Direct Shape Type it has an origin point at 0,0,0. When placed it will be in relation to that at your insertion point.

Thank you Japhy, I understand how it happens now. Is there any intuitive and practical solution in your mind, like a easy way that can reset the Type origin point to the object instead of the world 0,0,0.

Hali, Optimally you would have your Rhino Geometry located at Rhino 0,0,0 at your desired insertion point relative to the geometry, the same way you would if creating a Revit Family.

Alternatively you can skip the Type process all together and use Add direct shape geometry.

Hey Japhy, putting everything around world 0,0,0, will not be practical at all. Project usually has hundreds of families, each family may have tens of different Types. Skipping the Type process will make redundant geometries for the BIM file. If I’m using Rhino blocks, do you know if there is a way to set the block pick point as the Type origin point?

Hali, The block would need to moved to Rhino 0,0,0 before creating the type as well.

The type just needs to be created at that point, the insertions in Revit are based on a plane you come up with.

Sorry Japhy, I think you miss my point. In my last reply, I was asking if the tool can be better, not how I can use the tool. The alignment of object(family/type) coordinates and world coordinates is critical for BIM practice. “Easy-to-use” should be under the consideration.

RiR is really a great tool. The idea of bridging Rhino and Revit is fantastic. However, you’re defending it so much that makes me feel you’re maybe one of the developers. You can say Revit has a crappy API which doesn’t provide a “Type Orignin” property, please just stop repeating yourself and the tool’s limitation. It will not help.

You are correct, i am explaining the use & was under the impression you were looking for understanding and not a feature request.

To be clear: You would like the Type Origin to be set at its first creation point (plane in space) vs the 0,0,0 that is default. To avoid Orienting from 0,0,0 to its placement location.

Okay, your explaination is clear enough at your first reply. I will find another way to give myself a better user experience.