AddBeamsByCurves error when editing parameters

Using AddBeamsbyCurves to transfer design from Grasshopper/Rhino to Revit workes great by first input, but when i edit parameters such as length, profil/material etc. the component deletes all beams but one and sends an error message saying “1. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”.

Does anyone have an idea why?

Hey @camilla.boersand
I justed tested a simple column-placer-GH-script and it seems to be working fine.

Would you be able to share your GH script so I can replicate the issue?

Hi, Thank you for testing it @eirannejad
Columns are working great actually.
I am however struggling with the AddBeamsByCurve.

If i start editing the parameters after transferring the beams to Revit, all but one gets “deleted”.

Is there anyway you can share an example so I can see what’s going on? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

@eirannejad. Here is an example and a short film of the issue. (17.3 KB)

Thanks a lot for the definition. I tested and confirmed the issue and fileda bug report to take a look at the AddBeam.ByCurve component