Deactivate Joins in Beam Elements

Hello All,

I’m experimenting RhinoInside for structural conception , analysis and detailing with Rhino/Grasshopper, Karamba and Revit.

However, when a use CurvetoBeam for Beam generation in Revit, the exchanged model considers random joins and the beams offset eachother, as in the picture below.

I will try to overide the CurvetoBeam C# script and disable the joins via Revit API (StructuralFramingUtils -> DisallowJoinAtEnd), but there is a chance of solving this in a easier way? Thanks!

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Hi Marcio,

Thanks for pointing this out, We have fixed this in the last release.
I would like to encourage you to do any pull requests you see fit.
Any help is welcome :slight_smile:

Hellow Kike, Actually I managed to modify the project to get it done, but basically I called DissalowJointAtEnd Method after the beam declaration in Curve.cs. I will give a look on the update!

But taking advantage of this discussion, I notice that for the RiR components the declaration of the GH inputs are quite diferent than the usual, any help on why and how to operate now on? I am more a engineer than a developer, many times I don’t get some parts of the API’s, but I always want to learn more on this field.

Glad is fixed.

About how some components register input parameters, I tried to generalize the way the components do that and the way they validate those inputs as well as how those components replace the previous created element.

In order to do that all those components inherit from a common class called ReconstructElementComponent that implements RegisterInputParams and using .NET Reflection on the component it automatically registers one input parameter for each function argument and also takes care null inputs on those parameters.