Add Workset and especially Phase while baking to Revit?

While baking geometry into Revit, it would be nice to set Workset and Phase before it bakes.

Added to the todo list for Rhino.Inside-Revit

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Hi- I’m having a lot of success with RIR on a project with extensive and complicated existing conditions. Great job to everyone at McNeel.

What is that status on this feature to bake geometry into Revit on a given phase? That would help me out a lot.

Hi @mgb228,

Rhino.Inside creates all elements on the last project Phase, but you can adjust it latter using ‘Element Phasing’ like this.

Or from a View like this.

A similar approach can be used for Worksets.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Can I set phasing for an entire ‘New Component Family’?

I’m baking an existing architectural condition into Revit. As the project progresses individual members of that family will be demolished, and replaced with new construction. I was planning on managing this by moving things between “new” and “existing” Rhino layers, and Recomputing in RIR as needed. I’m open to better workflows if anyone has any ideas. I’m new to RIR so thank you for your patience.

RIR family (11.2 KB)

If you split your final group of elements into Existing and New, you can feed the two sets into two versions of “Element Phasing” that @kike shows above. One “Existing Phase”, the other “New Phase”.
My suggestion means you are managing the sets within grasshopper lists, not Rhino layers.

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In this case I’m modeling an ornate fountain made of stone profiles. So I have to model normally in Rhino, then push the geometry into Revit as Categorized Families that can be identified by non-Rhino-using BIM collaborators.

I think I actually figured it out- the attached v2 seems to work without creating any errors, duplicates, etc. Thanks again for the direction- the advice here is always so helpful and prompt. This is a great forum.

RIR family phasing (19.4 KB)

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